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# Configuration Status
More about Monster #5
1 6 Cylinder Olds Engine - 3 wheels Scrapped

Green Monster #5, as with all Arfons race cars, was a continual work in progress. Its mechanical dynamics changed weekly as Art and Walt strove to master the ultimate, ever increasing, speeds and elapsed times of an infant sport.

Green Monster #5 was conceived in early 1955 on Pickle Road in Akron, Ohio with a war surplus Ranger Aircraft engine as its initial power plant. The 770 cubic inch engine was mounted upside down and backwards. The September edition of Car Craft Magazine said the car had not been tested yet. While that edition was just appearing on the newsstands, #5 was in Great Bend, Kansas at the very first National Hot Rod Association event where it was a headliner.

1956-57 were transitional years for Monster #5. The Ranger engine was removed and the Allison 1710-85 V12 was installed. Some additional supports to the roll cage were created and a "fin" was added over the top of the drive train. According to Lee Pendleton, #5 also had dual rear wheels for a while but handling was not optimum with that arrangement. After all, the car had a very short wheelbase. Never the less, Green Monster #5 performed well at Carolina and Oklahoma City national meets. During these years the car made many exhibition runs at drag strips nationwide with either Art or Walt in the cockpit.

2 1425 H.P. Allison *  
3 * Jacobs 5 Cylinder Radial Unknown
4 Sidewinder Ranger "Jr." Sold to Bob Tennant
5 Allison v12 -1710-85 Owned by Jon Rowley
Amado, Arizona
6 Allison V12

Sent to The Museum of Speed


At one time this car was displayed at the Museum of Speed in Daytona, Florida. The museum closed in the 1970's. Here is a link to the brochure for the museum showing Green Monster #6.
7 Idea Car - "Boloney Slicer" Crashed Chester, South Carolina 1957
8 Unknown Unknown  
9 Too hot to handle* Scrapped and morphed into #10  
11 Rolls Royce    
12 Unknown Unknown  
13 Ranger - Front Engine* Sold to Fred Sibley GM #13 was painted white and renamed "White Lightening" The car has been restored to running condition.
14 Rear Engine "Anteater" Someone in Wisconsin Info provided by Fred Sibley and Tim Arfons
Beginning of the jet car Green Monsters


Monster #
* #3 Data from American Rodder June 1990 - The Arfons Legend By: Mike Griffin
* #6 Hot Rod Magazine November 1954
* #9 Motor Guide June 1957 - Green Monster 0-11 By: Art Arfons
*13 Fred Sibley phone interview by Jon Lundberg 3/2012 and other publications